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Way of Life

When we hear the word “sustainability” we tend to think of renewable resources, like fuel, and reducing carbon emissions, protecting environments and a way of keeping the delicate ecosystems of our planet in balance. In Permia, sustainability is the ability to bridge the gap between the social sciences with civic engineering as well as merge environmental science with the technology of the future. This marriage of the Sciences will aid in our efforts in protecting our natural environment and resources, our human and ecological health, while driving innovation without compromising our way of life. Many amazing careers and new degrees are being created as the world evolves into a more sustainable centered mindset. Permia welcomes all level of degrees in sustainability and supports pursuits of furthering their education in like subject matters.

Sustainability is a broad discipline, giving students and graduates insights into most aspects of the human world from business to technology to environment and the social sciences. The core skills with which a graduate leaves college or university are highly sought after, especially in a modern world looking to drastically reduce carbon emissions and discover and develop the technologies of the future. Sustainability draws on politics, economics and, philosophy and other social sciences as well as the hard sciences. Sustainability skills and environmental awareness is a priority in many corporate jobs at graduate level and over as businesses seek to adhere to new legislation. Therefore, Sustainability graduates will go into many fields but most commonly civic planning, environmental consultancy (built natural environment), agriculture, not for profit, corporate strategies, health assessment and planning, and even into law and decision making. Entry-level jobs are growing and over the coming years, bachelor’s graduates can expect more and more options and opportunities.