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Harvesting power of the sun

Our Founder Shawn is a Solar company owner of 20 years and electrical and solar license holder from state of California with over 5 years teaching in Solar Installation, this classes is cater for anyone around the world who like to learn about Solar PV System Installation, you will learn about:

  1. Site Survey: You will learn how to survey the site, what to look for perform site measurements and shading analysis
  2. System Sizing: you will learn about putting a system together, Energy audit, how to size the system correctly to support 100{89b9ac39287ae385323a2779a578a8774c704d4d6141226c145e82026244c120} of electrical use, order and list materials
  3. Installation: You will learn how to install PV system on anything, Monitoring system, Load calculation, String sizing, Planing and Commissioning
  4. Tools to use: You will learn what tool to use for installation

Permia is 100{89b9ac39287ae385323a2779a578a8774c704d4d6141226c145e82026244c120} off grid system and 100{89b9ac39287ae385323a2779a578a8774c704d4d6141226c145e82026244c120} renewable that utilizes solar and possible windmill.