Name Permia comes from Permaculture (land of Permia) and based on eco system and self sustained Intentional Community where residents “Permians” live in peace and harmony with one another despite of where they come from, No discrimination practices done here in Permia, this is a 5 years project at works and many hours put in to it and still ongoing progress and this community uses a common sense approach where there is no waste, earth friendly, organic and healthy life style.
What we are trying to accomplish with this concept is to encourage others to take the same path as we did, instead of hurdle of the daily living, Permia offers a freedom of daily city bondage, Permia Believe in, all for one, one for all concept. it means we all help each other and everyone has their own specialty to contribute to the community and we share tasks.
Every resident own their own Dome of 20′ in Diameter living room/bed and 10′ in Diameter rest room/shower, 10′ in Diameter 2nd room or storage can be utilized, The land has Restaurant, Community Center, Theater, Out door concert stage, office, doctors office, classes, dorms for students to stay, food forest, Library, for fun, Basketball court, Soccer field, dance night drum circle night, Bingo nights and so forth, This Idea and concept could work any where in the world