About Project Permia

The name Permia is birth from the word Permaculture  (land of Permia) It is based on a belief in a self-sustained intentional community that depends on its ecosystem and where it’s residents (Permians) live in peace and harmony with one another, regardless of cultural or religious backgrounds.

  • Although to develop the community will require at least 5 years of work and heavy hours, it will continue to develop and be an ongoing progress of progression towards further development and expansion as many begin to inhabit it. The main practice of the community is to use a common-sense approach in creating an environment that respects Mother Nature by creating no waste, using earth-friendly products, and living an organic and healthy lifestyle that benefits all.
    In Permia, we don’t believe or deal in monetary resources. Instead we work together with one primary goal in mind that supports the common good of the community.

Permia will provide and support all its residences needs. The goal of this intentional community is to provide a different alternative for life and to show that there is another way of healthy living and a choice in how you exist in this world. The hope is that it also encourages others around the world to follow the same path and develop like communities and leave the daily grind of a traditional city life.

Permia offers a very different alternative to living with individuals working together to share tasks and responsibilities. It’s the all for one and one for all philosophy that makes this community so unique.
In Permia, every resident owns their own Dome of 20′ in diameter that consists of a living and bed room, as well as a 10′ in diameter restroom with shower. A 10′ diameter can be used as a 2nd room or for storage. The community includes a restaurant, community center, theater, outdoor concert stage, office space, doctor’s office, classes, dorms for students, food forest, library, yoga dome and mediation, as well as a basketball court, Tennis Cort and soccer field. For fun in the community, activities will include dance night, drum circle, bingo and movie nights. Together we will work, grow, strive and thrive as one community living in peace and harmony, If you like what you read and want to become a part of Permian family please contact us for further information.