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Planning and Building the Future,,,, NOW!

Permia is ECO friendly community advocating for sustainability and simplicity living with less or no import from outside we try to make everything on land or use local and consume everything from our own land, we use practical approach to life and living, we use, reuse and recycle.

Our domes are made of sandbags of 18″ wide walls that uses essentials materials from property we use sand and soil “from man made lakes” to fill the bags with some cement and barb wires to hold the bags as a wall together and at the final we cover it by clay,sand and straws to form a finish. the height of the dome is 10′ up to the ceiling and 5′ upper dome that can be used for a loft or as storage.

Each dome has rob-lights”LED” on top of big dome inside of the gutter and rob-light can be changed to different colors,, all domes will have light green lite up after dark and red is used for emergency and if any resident see that will have to go and check it out.